The end…

I see that despite dropping this blog long ago, I keep getting subscribers. I will no longer pursue and update this blog for reasons of my own. I recommend the work of this gentleman (, if you are interested in such topics. Advertisements

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Changes in matter…

Sometimes things just happen: we accumulate enough energy to balance out in a new direction. This is concluding for me in buying a property that will allow me to continue my work, Not only with spirit evocation, but with Quabalah as well. As for results with evocation, there has been some results, but not the […]

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This blog is all about ascension, from an hermetic point of view. I have obviously borrowed the title “Initiation to Hermetics” from Franz Bardon’s first book. I can only recommend his work to anyone who is serious about hermetics.

Who I am is not important to you. I’m in the stage where I’m waking up and standing as a spiritual individual, and this blog is an attempt to document some of my experiencies. Be warned, most -if not all- of what I write may escape your comprehension and morale.But as the url of this blog says, “vivo et disco”: leave and learn, make out your own experience, from your own morale.

Finally and once again, a tribute to the master who, one way or another, was behind Franz Bardon’s incarnation:

Franz Bardon's mariage

Franz Bardon at a mariage